My Health Story

In my mid-thirties I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer with a tumor the size of an apricot on my cervix. There was no internet to search for solutions or alternatives, so I intuitively came up with a plan. I had heard of the Macrobiotic Dietary approach being used for cancer at the time, so I thought of brown rice. I went a step further and made congee, a rice porridge used commonly throughout Asia for recovering from illness. By fasting on congee alone, within 6 weeks the tumor had disappeared. I also used visualization, meditation, prayer and a positive attitude.

For two years afterward I stayed on a very clean, disciplined Macrobiotic Diet, and took “Food as Medicine” cooking classes, learning about how to prepare food to heal the body and prevent disease. Eventually, sugar, chemicals, white flour and junk food were completely gone from my desires. I wanted to live a healthy life! My diet then broadened but remained organic and “clean.”

Later on, in the 90’s during the first trimester of my pregnancy, I fell on ice causing the placenta to tear away from my uterus developing a blood clot that threatened my life and that of my baby. I had to be on bed rest. Again, I employed positive attitudes, visualizations, food as my medicine. Delivering my child naturally was considered a miracle by the entire medical staff. 

In the early 2000’s another health crisis arose. At this time, I was working and living in a Buddhist monastery and was subject to eating the food that was served me.  Sadly, this food included industrial oils and conventionally raised foods with chemicals, pesticides and lots of sugar. This was the first time as an adult I wasn’t “in charge” of cooking what I ate. As a steward of the monastery, working to serve the community, I worked too many hours causing adrenal exhaustion and sudden weight gain from all the toxic food. I eventually spent a lot of time bedridden! I knew I had to take back full responsibility to what I let inside my body, if I were to regain my health. 

By this time, I had discovered the Ni family approach to Chinese medicine with herbs, acupuncture, Qi Gong practices and food as medicine. Once again, I’ve had to apply my determined diligence to heal. Through Intermittent Fasting I lost 80 pounds. 

The story is not complete without revealing that as an 18-year-old, an innocent date turned into a rape by 7 fraternity brothers.  This event created a lifelong journey to recovering my innocence and self-love. Also, by facing betrayal and lies from a beloved partner who was adulterous, forgiveness was key in transforming deep grief, the anguishing pain of a broken heart and a negative overwhelm to a calm positive self-love.

Through all of these traumas, I discovered I could not traumatize myself anymore with an unhealthy lifestyle, addictive eating, and victimized being or thinking. Through many of these trials, I was told that my life was hanging in the balance and I was close to death. I have come to appreciate the value of creating a joyous life with a steady diet of healthy nutrition; healthy nutritional food, healthy nutritional friendships, healthy nutritional thoughts, and healthy nutritional self-love. 

Overcoming the challenges of my life, gives me the insight to serve and guide you with experiential compassion.  I was fortunate to have been trained in many efficacious, trustworthy and down-to-earth healing practices that I lovingly will share with you.

Divine Nature of Perfect Harmony

The calm power derived from my daily practice
can transform what seems to be a disaster into a blessing.

Learn this and I will be qualified to sit in the seat of the Lotus, looking deep within myself.

from Dao-In Invocations & I Ching OmNi & Dr. Mao Shing Ni


A deep contemplation from the ancient Taoist tradition is illustrated below:

Wu Tao