About Amira

One of my Mentor/Teachers stated, “Amira, by having a background in Judeo-Christianity, Buddhism and Taoism, you are philosophically and spiritually balanced.”

We all need help in this wild spectacle called life.  Everyone needs a Mentor, I sure do.  Most of the time a Mentor or Coach reminds us of who we really are.  “Reminds,” is a great word.  We all need that helpful friend, coach, mentor that can inspire us to remember our true loving nature.  We all know who we are but all of us can forget for a while and that is when I humbly ask for help.  When I support someone by mentoring or coaching, I open up to the Ancient Wisdom of the Universal Heart in Mother Nature as my guide.  

Using the Infinichi Coaching model that I have been Certified in, there are five aspects to living a simple life of balance. The “Five Healths” are –Physical Health –Mental Health –Relationship Health –Career or Daily WorkHealth and –Spiritual Health. When these five healths are balanced, you can feel the wholeness you’ve been yearning for. We are going to examine your strengths and weaknesses, in other words, what works and doesn’t work, and then incorporate some Qi healing exercises and cleansing strategies that can create a calmer and more organized daily life. The primary goal of this work is to bring about gentle, positive changes in order to create a life based on harmony. Enthusiasm will be a major part of your life, “En-Theos-Ism,” in the spirit of the gods or the spiritual realm of the ordinary divine living moment!

I view each person as unique. I will assess and then teach you the art of balancing your yin and yang energies, much like a healthy checkbook, your life will be filled with more deposits than withdrawals. With support you can learn to release the past negativity and self-sabotaging behaviors so that you can more easily discover your destiny.  Let’s work together to achieve your eternal sense of a unified life of purpose.

“I Teach The Skills Of Self-Mastery.”

I am a practitioner of InfiniChi Energy Healing, Taoist Meditation practices, Infinichi Life Coaching, Nutritional Counseling with detoxing, nourishing & healing cooking practices, Qi Gong Weight Loss Support, ‘thriving beyond cancer’ support and Feng Shui.  My skills have helped many people in this confused 21st century.


If you’d like to have a free 20-minute Discovery Call to explore our potential connection, email Amira some possible times you are available. 

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Hexagram 20 – Guan – Contemplation

                                  Welcome to this virtual Tao Guan where we train ourselves in cultivating harmony!

“A Tao Guan (Kuan) is a place, though it literally means to observe your life objectively. It might seem to resemble a church or monastery but in fact is not anything like either one. It is rather a workshop, a living fountain and a small universe. It is not limited to only one aspect of life. Positive endeavors can originate in and flourish from the spiritual nurturing found in a Tao Guan (Kuan). It usually (physically) consists of a few buildings, a garden, classrooms, a healing center and a herb room, and is always centered around a shrine. The shrine invites harmonious interchange with natural spirits and deities. It also gives recognition to such human qualities as morality, decency, sanity, independence, mellowness, love of nature, universal love and other positive virtues.”  from Workbook for the Spiritual Development of All People by Hua-Ching Ni page 193

May the pages of this website be the spiritual workshop and wellspring that practically guides and demonstrates how to positively grow and naturally flourish in bringing balance and harmony into the beings that visit this virtual Tao Guan!


Serving humanity and life – Symbiosis with Nature

The Power of Guan

“Guan (Kwan)- It is the top function of life & personalized as (Guan) Kwan Yin. It is a key practice in spiritual life. Kwan, in general, means to watch, to observe, experience, witness and reflect. In spiritual terms, it is the spotless spiritual perception as the highest capacity in people.

The direct experience of life means to witness the nature of the world and life itself… Spotless perception is the key power of life. It produces the integral vision of the world we live in and the life we live… Kwan Yin is commonly known as The Goddess of Mercy.” 

from The Power of the Feminine Using Feminine Energy to Heal the World’s Spiritual Problems by Hua Ching Ni and Mao Shing Ni  

Four guidelines from the Lady-in-Blue

“To be a warrior of self-improvement and constructive living.

I devote my life to be the heart of the rough world.

I devote my life to continue the great endeavors of all wise

people for

humanistic progress

I devote my life to begin a harmonious and peaceful world.”

from The Path of Constructive LifeEmbracing Heaven’s Heart by Hua-Ching Ni & Mao Shing Ni

“The dragon of emotion and the tiger of desire become strongly active

and yet are absolutely obedient to me.”

from Invocation for Reaching Longevity and Divinity 

     in The Workbook for Spiritual Development of All People by Hua-Ching Ni

“The nature and virtue of the universe remains positive, creative, constructive, productive and affirmative under any circumstance. Human beings have the potential to develop their ability to know and experience the constant virtue behind the changeable, superficial phenomena created by the universal energy cycles.” 

                             Tao The Subtle Universal Law and the Integral Way of Life p 102 by Hua-Ching Ni