Infinichi Energy Healing


$60/session/30 minutes with 30 minutes of intake & feedback



$60/session/30 minutes with 30 minutes of intake & feedback

In Chinese medicine, the power of the body’s healing systems is accessed by a transfer of energy. This is often done with an acupuncture needle, a food, or an herb. InfiniChi is the Ni family practice of medical energy healing that focuses solely on the transfer of energy without the use of a physical medium. 

It is a non-touch therapy where a practitioner reads and manipulates the internal and external energies of a patient to bring about healing and balance. Areas of weakness are strengthened and areas too excessive are gently purged. This is done by reception and emission of qi (energy) from the practitioner’s hands. InfiniChi shares the same scope of practice as acupuncture and herbal medicine but works especially well for the following: 

  • chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia 
  • depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia
  • headache, tremors
  • upset stomach, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome
  • pre-menstrual disorder, moodiness, cramps

Qi, or Chi, is energy. It is the source of the universe and all life. It is also the root of a healthy human life which contains the natural power of healing. This includes mental and spiritual cleansing, protection and the ability to access the inner potential to reshape our personal destiny.


First, come prepared for a brief consultation. This will inform your session of the focus for the treatment. Then, either lying down or sitting, the patient is instructed to breathe calmly and relax. The practitioner takes an initial reading of energies in order to assess areas of imbalance. From this point, a host of Qi (Chi) manipulation techniques are performed as the practitioner’s hands move around the patient while making the necessary energetic adjustments. There may also be the use of light massage, acupressure, or guided visualization to further direct the flow of energy. The patient may experience deep relaxation, temperature changes, numbness, tingling, light-headedness, emotions, or body movement. It’s also normal to experience no physical sensation during the treatment. The InfiniChi practitioner customizes the 30-minute session and the treatment frequency to meet the unique needs of the patient.

The real power of InfiniChi comes from two places: a trusting patient-healer relationship and the intuition and training of the practitioner. As a skilled therapist, my intentions will be aligned with the patient’s. Together we will literally think, feel, and relax our way to meeting a healing objective. These kinds of interactions already take place when you receive a Tao of Wellness acupuncture treatment. What makes InfiniChi unique is the sole focus on this more subtle energy, allowing a very special experience to take place.
InfiniChi perfectly supplements other Chinese medical treatments, ensuring that your wellness goals are effectively met. Its ease of administration makes it ideal for those sensitive to needles or herbal medicine, and its portability allows anyone to be treated, including those with mobility issues.


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